Dress Lily ‘Two Thumbs Down’

Summer is on it’s way and I want all my ladies to beware of online shopping.





Lately I have been getting a few thing sin order in regards to my business. I booked a photo shoot with an amazing photography from my hometown of Philly, I ordered some beautiful dresses at great prices and I found out this morning that none of what I ordered is in stock.  I ordered these items almost 3 weeks ago, I emailed them about my order and wondering why I haven’t received any response. This morning I got an email stating that my items were not ready. So, it is my duty to let all my women know that Dress Lily is not a reliable site.

Dress Lily promises to respond to each email inquiry within 24 hours of initial contact ‘That was a lie‘ (in my Maury voice). I ordered 3 dresses, a pair of earrings and a ring and none of them were in…

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