The Dupree Dream Open Studio Event



The Dupree Dream Open Studio Event,  On April 26th, 2014, Dupree Studios opened its doors to show the public what the City of Philadelphia plans to tear down in the name of “revitalization”. Dupree wants to inform fellow citizens about the unconstitutional seizure of his inspiring and unique property. He also wanted to share this creative space with others, while the opportunity still stands. The event had guest speakers throughout the day, eminent domain and art discussions, musical acts, DJs, live art, spin art for kids, a book signing, and… live interview! On this day  Mr. Dupree released his self titled book ‘ Stolen Dreams In The Promised Zone: Dupree Studios’ curated by James Dupree himself with layout and design done by one of my dear friends Badir McCleary of ‘Art Above Reality’. The book entails Mr. Dupree’s life’s journey of becoming an entrepreneur all while giving back to the community, the building of…

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