Psst! “I love Being BLACK”

What you are celebrate it to the fullest, because I am. I love being BLACK!



It appears that the majority of us get so uncomfortable with who we are as African-American, Black etc..and when we do express our natural selves and or embrace who it is that we are as a race we are considered to be ‘Too Black’ or too different from the rest of society’s standards of what it we are supposed to look, to be and to act like. I love being black and it nothing like it.

“I have a desire to be unique and to stand apart from the rest, so I love being BLACK”…..

We have been stripped of our heritage for so many generations and were told to be less of a negro and be more like a robot to others standards of beauty is. Sadly! This is why African-Americans are the only race of people who can never fully embrace their ethnicity as BLACK being the ‘Thing To Be’.

We were…

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