Winners Circle 2


The Star Island Groups ‘Winners Circle 2’ event was packed at the Underground Arts Sunday, April 13, 2014. Mad folks came out to support up and coming Philly artists Good Girl, MPrynt, Jeremy Isaac and many more.. The whole building was packed near the front of stage while Brianna Cash opened up for the anticipated wait of four sexy ladies, the flavorful, soulful, sexy quartet and the ever so charismatic gentleman. The Winners Circle was hitti’N I must say and I’m glad I got the chance to see what all the talk was about.


It’s been a while since the industry has set eyes on a sexy girl group. Good Girl! you say Mmmm! They look pretty darn naughty to me and when I say naughty I mean Naughty! LOL! They opened us up with the perfect introduction covering Janet Jackson’s ‘I Get So Lonely’ Performance  Megan as always wearing the perfect outfit to compliment her thick thighs, Morgan JL’s spunky fun-loving, naughty girl personality, Arielle and her sweet voice and that Bobbie ‘DanciN Bobbie‘ that is look like she don’t take no mess LOL. They were the official eye candy for the fellas that evening.


Next up MPrynt, the moment all the ladies in the crowd were waiting for. I looked around at the audience and noticed about half of the girls representing with their custom MPrynt Tees on, screaming Fah’s name it was hilarious LOL!. The fellas open up with Tyce of MPrynt covering Jay-Z feat Justin Timberlake’s Holy Grail Then out comes the sexy back-up dancers, Budda of MPrynt  ‘Mr. Sexy Chocolate’ is what they call’em LOL hit the stage and the crowd goes bananas. They looked good, sounded good and they did what they came to do.


Jeremy Isaac was not turning down, I’m saying tho ‘Turn Down Fo What’ LOL! It was fun, the house was packed. I apologize for the fuzzy photos and clarity. One of these days I’m going to hire a videographer and photographer to accompany me on events. You just had to be there to experience the new Philly Finest of that real R&B. The Star Island Group presents Winners Circle ll, MissLIV gives you two thumbs up.

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