What You Know Bout Me?



It’s funny how people claim to know a person based off  their own perceptions and what they think instead of actually knowing who a person truly is. We are all guilty of believing in our own beliefs and assumptions as to what a person may look like, how they dress and so forth. In order to know a person one should just simply get to know them. I think it’s some what hurtful to assume a thing without knowing all the details and knowing full stories. Grown men and women till this day will rely on someone else’s perception instead of finding out on their own. I’d like to share a few things about myself that some may not know and hopefully this will put to rest all the wondering and guessing.


“She probably has a sponsor”, they say…

Nope! Everything that I posses comes from my pocket. I work a 9-5 plus my blog and others. I don’t rely on favors and/or gifts from men to pursue my goals, (Never Have) nor do I do any favors to get anything in return. All of what you see came from me and working hard is all I know.

“She has expensive taste”, they say…

Nope! I know where to shop and thank God I’m a petite little thing because it’s so easy to shop for a woman of my stature and size. If it catches my eye and it looks great on me, I’m buying it. I shop mostly at Burlington and Ross for name brand shoes and designer pocketbooks. Yes! I know how to look like $$$$ without spending $$$$. ‘Red Bottoms’  Please! ain’t nobody got no Red Bottom money and I’m not going to act like I do either LOL! There are some nifty consignment shops in the City that have brand new designer pieces if your into labels, me not so much. I just go for what looks good!


What you know bout Me? -Miss, LIV


“I know she got  lot of men calling and texting her phone”, they say…

Nope! The majority of the males I encounter are for business and of course there are some that may want more than a business relationship but I make it clear that I do not mix business with pleasure and I’m not into fly by nights. Now! There are exceptions to this rule it just all depends on the person and what their motives are for wanting to get close to me. I get much respect from my male counterparts, so if any man feels threaten don’t be.  Man up! And approach me I won’t bite…..

” She like them muscle-bound dudes, I know she do”, they say…

Nope! It’s nice to look at a nice body and a healthy looking physique of course, but I’m attracted to a regular looking kind of man. What I mean by that is that I’m highly attracted to a man who has his own style what ever it may be. I like it when I see men who look different from everyone else, he’s a leader and not a follower and he can set his own pace. I’m so not into the stupid Dark Skin VS Light Skin mess. If you look good in your skin than you look good. I like a man with a little meat on his bones, nice teeth, nicely groomed facial hair (Facial hair is a must, why because it’s manly and it’s a turn-on) and he must smell heavenly. It does something to me when I smell a man with that “OOOOAAAHHH” cologne on LOL! Smelling good will make me get in my CREEP bag.

Oh! How could I almost forget that I have a thing for HAND’s, yes HAND’s. I don’t know what it is but he has to have nice clean hands. I will honestly not date or be intimate with a guy with funny looking hands LOL! I can’t, it’s just one of them things. (PAUSE! CTHUP! LMBO!) I’m so serious…



Lastly! I’m very particular of who I allow to be in my personal space, so if you happen to be one of those special people, that means I genuinely like you. My only motive is to gain knowledge and to just simply be in the company of good people. I never been one to jump on banned wagons and I’m definitely ain’t no groupie. I don’t expect anything from anyone but to be who they are good, bad and indifferent. So please don’t assume or believe others perception of what they think they know. So my question is What You Know Bout Me?

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