The ‘IT’ Factor

There is someone special for each of us, well if were deserving of them. One of the best blessings is to have a good hearted soul in your company. They’re not perfect, they just have that ‘IT’ Factor.


What can The ‘IT’ Factor be? Is it how much money one may have, is it popularity or status? No! Well at least not for me. As I grow in maturity of mind and heart I come to learn and truly understand what it means to have that ‘IT’ factor. I believe true love naturally gravitates towards its counterpart. There are many people who come up with their own rules, lists, and ideas of what and who their true love should be like, look like and etc…. LOVE! It’s not a choice, it has no silly lists of what one should have, it’s just comes naturally.

I have no list of qualifications nor do I have any expectations of another. The ‘IT’ Factor is unexplainable…

Just like true LOVE, it’s not forced it’s not made up of silly list of qualifications it just happens. You may not know why your…

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