Dress Lily ‘Two Thumbs Down’





Lately I have been getting a few thing sin order in regards to my business. I booked a photo shoot with an amazing photography from my hometown of Philly, I ordered some beautiful dresses at great prices and I found out this morning that none of what I ordered is in stock.  I ordered these items almost 3 weeks ago, I emailed them about my order and wondering why I haven’t received any response. This morning I got an email stating that my items were not ready. So, it is my duty to let all my women know that Dress Lily is not a reliable site.

Dress Lily promises to respond to each email inquiry within 24 hours of initial contact ‘That was a lie‘ (in my Maury voice). I ordered 3 dresses, a pair of earrings and a ring and none of them were in stock ugh!.  If none of the items were in stock they should have gave me notice   before ‘Check Out’ like most sites I visit usually do.  Come to find out the items are shipped from overseas and takes at least 20 days for customers to receive their purchased items. Its funny though because they made sure to get paid but didn’t notify me of any progress until today.

I am so pissed now because now I have to go out and shop for a whole new wardrobe of dresses that I may not be able to afford in store. My initial reason for shopping for dresses online was to save time and of course money.  Many stores don’t carry pieces and or items one may find on the internet. I had everything planned from the shoes I was going to buy to go with each dress, what color make-up, and hair style I was going to wear. UUHHHH!!!! My photo shoot is 10 days away so I do have some time to figure out a new look I’m going with for my photos.  It seems like every time I take a step forward there is always an issue BIG or small to interrupt the process.  I hate in store shopping especially when I don’t know what to get.

Ladies! Be careful of online shopping. I give Dress Lily ‘Two Thumbs Down’ for BAD customer service and the time frame it took for them to touch base with me about my items.

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