Walk Alone

At times I do feel alone, even though I know I’m not in a sense. As I travel along this journey I’m finding our more and more who’s in my corner, who’s against me and who prays for my down fall. Shocking revelations are revealed once one attempts to LIV…




This past year I realized those who were against me and those who are for me. Sadly! Those who have my best interest are those who I barely even know. Never looking for a pat on the back or even an applause but just simple love and support” but yet instead I receive criticism and ridicule for utilizing the gifts that were given by the great giver (God) of many gifts. This is a time where I can decipher those who need to stay in my life and those who’s time is well spent in being in the company of my presence. In order for me to grow and reach my full potential unfortunately this must take place. 


For years I have believed the naysayers and listened to those who always told me ” You can’t” ” You’ll never make it”. I would…

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