Dupree Studios

Philly Artist/painter James Dupree


I came across a petition this past week to Save Dupree Studios .  A friend of mine who visited Philly a couple of weeks ago from California was here to do a documentary covering art in many forms.   Mr. James Dupree was also included in the documentary sharing his love for the arts and urban life . Dupree Studios has been apart of Philadelphia’s Urban culture since 2005 providing an outlet for those who share the same artistic vision as well as for those who just can’t get enough of art in its many forms.

Philadelphia is known for Theater and the Art’s. Anyone who’s ventured out in the City can see art in everything they place their eyes on almost. From paintings to graffiti-drawings to fashion to exotic hairstyles with unique urban wear included. I see art on a daily basis and I’m  learning to appreciate it  a…

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