Su Picasso

” Walk with me now and you’ll fly with me later” -Su Picasso


Catherine Jane

“Walk with me now…

And you’ll fly with me later”…

-Su Picasso

The Artist & Humanitarian

Su Picasso is not only a music artist he is also a humanitarian and a positive role model for the youth today. Over the past 3 years Su Picasso’s has been making his mark and his fan base grew from Philadelphia, to gaining international notoriety from Germany and Tokyo. Su Picasso! The artist whose songs share a message and a humanitarian for advocating and promoting human welfare in his home land of ‘Kinshasa’ the capital and largest city of the ‘Congo’ in Central Africa.


Many music lovers only know one side of the artist of their liking and that side only being the music and not what actually inspires the music they listen to. There are a lot of musicians who fail to be recognized for their craft because they don’t fit the so-called…

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