Living The Life

2014 427

There are many that believe that, ‘Living The Life’ is about material possessions, how much one may have over the other or how much money they can waste. Living the life is more than having things and/or being around people who some may idolize just because of status or credibility. I say that I’m living the life because I’m growing in so many ways that I never thought I would have grown. Over the course of three years I have transformed into a beautiful butterfly. I was wrapped in a cocoon of fear and insecurity who wanted desperately to be free.

I’m finally Living The Life -Miss, LIV

2014 308

Photo Credit: Miss, LIV Playing in Make-Up

Everything is finally coming together in my life and it  just confirms that I’m walking in my destiny. Some may not think so because it’s not going in the order they think it should but see some people think to highly of themselves when they think that their opinions are going to stop progression NOT! I can truly say that I’m happy because I’m at a place where I am truly myself and not care about what others may think of me.  I’ve had people say some very discouraging things and question my reasons and make snide comments about my accomplishments and ideas. I know the difference between constructive and destructive criticism. Little do they know the more negative energy they feed me the more  i’m going to feast off of it and use for fuel for this long journey ahead of me.

A lot of people can’t even exclaim ‘Happiness’ and sometimes they are the ones with more money, possessions, or anything they could ask for but yet still be unhappy….

I think we can get caught up sometimes with allowing other people’s ideas or perceptions of us to be more important than our own. To an extent yes we are to present what others may want at a given time for a greater purpose but to actually be a puppet or a fantasy of another NAH! Just be yourself whom ever you are, the good you that is (LOL).


I’m living the life because I’m loving me. It’s said that once you learn to love yourself, Love your flaws,  learn from your mistakes, make peace with those deep seeded issues or hurts then TRUE LOVE will be drawn to you. TRUE LOVE, loves a unique being, It draws near because it’s energy is strong but gentle and not like the suction of vipers like the others. It’s in a league of its own, it adds to life and doesn’t just take away from it.  With little I’m happy, and with much more I will forever be grateful.


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