Bewildering Emotions

Words of emotinal expression from afellow blogger

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I think I would like to tell you about my day not in order today.
I feel a rush of feelings. Most of which are hurt. My heart aches I have no idea what.
Let’s begin with Gill. I tried the ‘test’  today and I was colder than a turkey sandwich.  He asked about lights and I gave him the most unnerving evil look. My heart hearts. Perhaps that is why it hurts. I genuinely feel like crying I am just breaking.

Tonight I have several songs.
Rihanna – Final goodbye
Sia – Breathe me
Frank oceans  – super rich kids and pilot Jones

I am shivering.  Perhaps I am cold I don’t know. I feel nervous.  There is a singing competition in which I am participating in. I have a module test on friday. I am scared of time passing me by. I don’t want to be an…

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