DRAMA! Is something that I just can’t tolerate anymore. I used to be heavy into watching reality TV and the shenanigans’ that transpired on my TV screen. A lot of it was hilarious and stupid at the same time. Lately! I haven’t watched or even had the desire to watch anymore reality shows because I’m over it. Not only have I watched DRAMA on TV but I have a few people who are close to me who have non-stop DRAMA going in their lives. Some situations are legitimate gripes and then there are those where I just don’t feel like hearing it because it’s nonsense and getting a bit played out.

I know folks are probably saying, “She got an attitude”, “She think she better than us”… Well! Yes I do have an attitude. I have an attitude where I desire positive relationships that will encourage more positivity, which will then lead me to want to make more positive life making decisions. I do not think I am better than anyone, but I am better because I have grown from having the mind-set of a child to a woman in as little as 3 years.

If I had the same train of thought I had 5 years today, I would be in big trouble…

Many people don’t realize that I’m still in shock of the growth that has taken place within me in just a few short years. A lot of mistakes that I’ve made and the situations I have encountered really shaped and molded me into who I am today.  I grew up in a negative atmosphere that promoted DRAMA and encouraged the followers (Instead of Leading) mentality.  That is not the kind of future that I want SORRY!

My desire is to be the opposite of what society may think of African-American women…

It seems as though DRAMA is so heavily promoted through social media, friends, family etc.. that talking about positive things is like speaking in a foreign language when heard. Many wonder why there is so much going on in the homes and why the children are unruly, they fail to realize the harm and damage it does to one another. We are what we speak in this life. God said, ‘Let there be light’ and so it was. So I believe what ever we speak and give life to is what we will encounter and experience in this life.

I love being in the company of positive people!

I love being in the company of positive people because my stress levels are way down and I don’t have to be on guard. Everyone is on one accord and it’s easy to enjoy oneself when around positive energy.  I too used to surround myself with negative minded people who only spoke about negative things and it was so draining and a waste  of precious time. I had to learn the hard way that the saying is true.. ‘”You are the company you keep” 

I don’t think anyone in their right mind wants to come home everyday to DRAMA when life itself is already full of it. As for me, I’m responsible for my peace of mind as well as anyone else. Please! Don’t be upset with me because I like peace and you love disturbances. Don’t look at me differently because I don’t talk about the same issues as you do because it may not benefit me but some how it benefits you. Don’t be upset with me because I choose to laugh instead of arguing, crying  and sulking in pity and defeat. I know what it’s like and trust me I don’t live there anymore. Please! don’t be upset with because I choose to live the abundant life and you choose to live in bondage.

If my article does not apply to you then please allow for the wings to spread forth and FLY!!

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