Man of the House Concerts & Mikey G Presents ‘Yufi Zewdu’

Man of the House Concerts & Mikey G Presents Yufi Zewdu with the headlining artist being Hugo Tae along with opening acts James Allen and the Hazie Blu Crew Live at the Trocadero Theater  (Balcony Stage) in Philly Wednesday June 12, 2013.  Your’s truly Miss, LIV had the opportunity to sing background vocals along with Yufi and the crew for the first time. It’s been a good while that your girl has had the opportunity to sing on stage.  After sound check the crew and I gathered at a round table and waited patiently for the guests and the other performers to arrive.

Photo Cred: Miss, LIV Sound Check, from left to right Miss, LIV, Wil Bond, CodeNine (Behind Yufi) Yufi Zewdu, Tony & Leon Tomas


 James Allen  (@jamesallenraps & @Iamjchrome) was the first act to hit the stage and get the eager crowd warmed up for Wednesday nights event. In my opinion James Allen was a “Superb MC” I loved his flow, he was rocking the heck out of that mic and the crowd loved his energy. DJ AMH (@DJ_AMH) was killing it on the 1’s and 2’s rocking the crowd with the 90’s flow. Some of the crowd was showing off their old-school dance moves being silly and having a fun time.  It was cool vibes, drinks were flowing, and camera’s where flashing. Speaking of cameras Darren Burton (@Creativi_D) photographer for HipHopSince1987 was in the building, ” I can’t wait to see those photos”,  He does a great job and I like the way he sees his art visually.

James Allen 


“Man of the House” HUGO TAE


The headliner  Hugo Tae (@Hugotae) “Man of the House” hit the stage while his friends and family cheered him on in the crowd. Everyone had their camera phone’s out trying to snap a picture and video of the MC. It felt like an old-school hip-hop show that evening. Good show! it was well worth the sweat and humidity I had to endure. I thank Yufi Zewdu  (@YufiZewdu) for asking me to back him up on the vocals and of course it’s always a pleasure to see my favorite band Hazie Blu do their thing on stage. I look forward to events where I get to experience real artists. Artist who put in 100 % in all that they do, deserves support not only from friends and family, but from those who know the grind and how much energy it takes to create one’s own brand.


Each artist craft is not given by man but a blessing given at birth.


Miss, LIV Philly BayBEEY


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