Willie Lynch Syndrome

Willie Lynch is the name of a British slave owner who allegedly delivered a speech on the bank of the James River in the colony of Virginia in 1712. He gave a speech to teach his methods to slave owners on how to keep the African-American race in bondage by  trying to break the spirit of the black male, using fear, distrust and envy for control purposes.

Lynch suggested that after slaves receive this doctrination, it shall carry on and will become self-refueling and self-generating for hundreds of years, maybe thousands…


The Willie Lynch speech has been known to be a myth but in today’s society within the African-American and Urban communities the ‘Willie Lynch’ syndrome exist to this day. History have shown the downward spiral of the love, the bond and the community that was once known among African-Americans. I hope this is not true that we as people have adapted the same mind-set as our oppressors to use against our own people to feel superior? I hope that we as a people do not separate ourselves into meaningless categories such as Light Skin Vs Dark Skin to feel smarter or entitled more than the other. I hope that we don’t take our frustrations out on our brothers and sisters to the point where we take the life of the very person who looks like us and have the same struggles as us…

Sadly! I see Willie Lynch everyday. I see Africa American males  on social media demeaning and devaluing darker complected African-American women like myself  comparing us to other race women to make us feel useless, to make us feel as if we are beneath other women, to make us feel ugly because of our brown hue. It’s hurtful and it only shows how immature and how racist your own kind can be. It’s sad because these are the men we are supposed to look up to for strength. I see the most horrific news flashes everyday on television of another Mother who loses her son or daughter to violence yet again by the hand of their own kind.  At times I’m ashamed of being called an African American Why? When I go to work or when I visit a professional establishment they look at me and see all the stereotypes they see on television and overhear from friends. As soon as my brown face appears others automatically think I have fatherless children by multiple men, (I have no children as of yet, and NO! I have never been pregnant nor have I had the experience that of an abortion) Many think that I’m uneducated because of the skin I’m in, but once I open my mouth they think I’m from another country because of my eloquent speech.

Willie Lynch syndrome has found it’s way to 2014 and is taring the African-American race and community apart, minute-by-minute. It seems like a hopeless cause and I fear that what people think of us is true. I hope not!

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