Wonderful… (Antwan Davis Album Review)


 Antwan Davis and Wes Manchild’s “Wonderful” the Stevie Wonder inspired album released July 29, 2013 that has been banging through my head phones for about a week now. The North Philly kid that never had a chance but God had a different plan for his life. Antwan Davis the next up and coming MC along with Chill Moody and a few others are making 2013 the best year Philly has ever had with local talent that just seem to not stop coming out of the wood works with their talents. For a time I have seen Antwan being promoted through social media and word of mouth but I just didn’t have the chance to stop and listen to what this North Philly native had to say.

About a week ago I was on Facebook and I happen to run across a status posted by Antwan Davis himself about his newly released album “Wonderful” a tribute to one of the greatest singer and songwriter known in music history Stevie Wonder. The album was available for download via his website so I stopped what I was doing and gave Antwan a listen. I played the first track Wonderful (Intro) that goes a little something like this……

 ” Good morn or evening friends, here’s your friendly announcer. I have serious news to pass onto everybody. What I’m about to say could mean the worlds disaster, could change your laughter into tears and pain.. Oooooh! Oooooh! – Stevie Wonder “Love’s In Need of Love Today”


I was sold and I have to admit that I was a bit surprised that Antwan Davis has some skills on the mic there.  So, as I prepared to listen for the same ole ratchet rap so called bars I hear being spit on the radio, I then realized Antwan  was telling his story and he chose to make attributed to Stevie Wonder Great choice! S.L.O.P. (Significant Life Of A Playa) one of my favorite’s on the album that I can’t stop playing. It comes on as if it’s telling a story better yet it belongs in a one of those good Gansta flicks LOL!. SoulTrain Gang took me back to CHURRCHH! “Put ya hands together, Clap! Stomp!”I can’t leave out “Made to Love Her” feat.. Reef, Lost Cauze, Chill Moody, and Boogie Mandela. 

Well, enough of me rambling on about the album, how about you check it out for yourself. Visit Antwan at www.antwandavis.com to download the “Wonderful” album produced by Wes Manchild. Also, check out the video “Wonderful” Directed by Marcus Godfrey and Darryl Jones. 

 Twitter: @antwandavisest @wesmanchild/ Instagram: @antwandavis @wesmanchild/ Facebook: Antwan Davis adn Kyle Ames (wes Manchild)

“Wonderful” (Intro) Video http://youtu.be/89bSQfLMpzY

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