Y.A.U.C. (Young Artist Under Construction)



” Every time I’m in the street I hear, YAUC! YAUC! YAUC!” – Kendrick Lamar (m.A.A.d. City)

Art work by: YAUC

North Philadelphia born and raised Justin Richburg also known as “YAUC” to his many fans of his  American style “Anime” art work.  YAUC @YAUC_215 has burst onto the scene becoming one of the most sought after sketch artist to create  “Life Like” character designs for the likes of  WALEMeek MillDj Diamond KutsYoung SavageLee MazinASAP Rocky and many more. Justin Richburg  has been added to my personal list of one of the most talented artist in Philly. From drawing dollars bills as a child to becoming a character designer, this Art Institute of Philadelphia student shouldn’t have a problem landing his dream job with “Disney” as a professional cartoonist.


Justin Richburg aka “YAUC”


I’ve been seeing YAUC’s art work here and there on Instagram over the summer and I have come to be drawn to his unique way of art. YAUC started out making reference photos, to compare photos to now creating life like characters. One of the pieces that caught my eye was the “Party Scene”  were Kevin Hart is in the club, and if you look closely you’ll see other familiar faces too.

Art work by: YAUC

He get’s really creative when he created his own version of some of the most funniest high lights of summer of 2013. Like Miguel’s infamous leap off stage, Big Sean and Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” record, and Miley Cyrus version of TWERK!  dance move performing alongside Robin Thicke at the VMA’s (Video Music Awards). 


Kevin Hart reacting to Miguel’s leap off stage

Art work by: YAUC


Big Sean & Kendrick Lamar

Art work by: YAUC

Robin Thicke & Miley Cyrus at the VMA’s

Art work by: YAUC


The first contact YAUC received was from MMG’s President of A&R Spiff @SpiffTvFilms to do a character design for Meek Mill 

Art work by: YAUC (Meek Mill)

Then the phone calls start rolling in and YAUC found himself creating characters for other Philly artist including Power 99 Fm’s  Dj Diamond Kuts, one of the top Dj’s known in the Philly area, Lee Mazin and Young Savage.


Art work by: YAUC

Art work by: YAUC


Art work by: YAUC


Justin Richburg graduated from Simon Gratz High School who has many talents. Justin writes poetry, plays baseball which almost led him to the Philly finals, and is a social comedian in his own right. When asked where his inspiration comes from, he exclaimed to be inspired by yet another one of Philly’s talents Will Smith. Will Smith who started out as a rap artist, TV sitcom actor on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” onto becoming a full-time actor. Will and Justin may not have very much in common but what they do have in common is them both being  “Artist”. All artist have their craft but what it all boils down to is just pure “ART” and being able to express your talent in your own unique way.  

Art work by: YAUC


Justin loves to play video games on his down time, he loves pepperoni pizza and Famous Amos Chocolate Cookies to satisfy his taste buds. He hopes to one day live out his dream of becoming a professional cartoonist with Disney Studios, but until then he’ll just share his passion for drawing his life like cartoon designs for fans of his art work.


Here’s another one of my favorite pieces from YAUC’s called “Insomnia” Pretty dope!

Art work by: YAUC


There was one question Justin left me, so I’ll ask all his fans and soon be to fans of his work, “What’s so unique about his art work?”  


Art work by: YAUC


Special thanks to Trizzy “The Mouth” of the Vixen Gang Empire “VGE”  baby #BOOM for suggesting Miss, LIV and thank you Justin for taking the time out to share your talent with me. For more on Justin Richburg’s art work follow YAUC on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook @YAUC_215 and/or Justin Richburg


Philly BayBEEy!!


Photos: All photos and art work are accredited to YAUC

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