There is no need to compare yourself to another, for your destiny is yours. We all travel different roads to success, some of us may travel along bumpy roads while others are smooth sailing on cruise control. 

You’re too unique to be compared! -Miss, LIV


You are UNIQUE because you’re the only one of your kind. There is no one like you, you travel along your own journey which leads to your destiny…



At times people tend to compare one to another to make some feel as if they’re not on the right track or should be at a point in their life where things should be in order. Many times people forget that we all have different circumstances and time lines that are beyond our control to reach certain level in our lives. I’m sure that all if not many may feel as though they should have done a certain thing or pursued certain goals at one time or another, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that your not on the right track or doing anything wrong per say.


I too have compared myself to others in regards to journalism, writing etc.. and thought that I should have already reached the goal of becoming a successful writer. So, one day as I sat on my couch I pondered on the thought of comparison when it came to others who are on the same career path such as myself and I realized that all that is happening now is supposed to happen at this point and time. I learned that there was a lot for me to learn first and I had to mature and gain more knowledge before experiencing the exposure and the success I have now. If I would have began my career I’ll say 10 years back, I probably would have messed up or gotten with the wrong crowd and potentially ruin my own name.


I say that because I wasn’t mature enough at that time and God knew that I had some learning and maturing to do before He allowed His gifts to manifest in my life. I experienced a lot at a young age and I’m grateful for them all. I regret nothing because without those life lessons I wouldn’t be able to apply what I’ve learn from them for today. Yes! At times I do think that I should have certain things or be at a place in my life where I should be able to do have and go to specific places but as of yet I don’t and have not.Do I feel bad because I don’t have those things or I’m not at a certain place where I think I should be? No! What I’m doing now and the things that are happening to me at this point and time was pre-destined. I realized that I have more learning and growing to do before I’m blessed with the next gift, so that I would able to receive it with a humble heart and not because I think I’m deserving of it. So, when people try to compare me to others I don’t feel less than because I have my own path to journey such as everyone else. I travel along an unknown timeline that only God can reveal and no one else has the ability to change His plans unless he placed it in their heart to be apart of my success,my growth and my destiny.


So therefore, I encourage all to not allow someone else to define you or make you feel as if all your hard work is in vain because you haven’t reached a certain point in your life. As long as your making progress and things are on a continuous movement, your on the right path and all your hard work is not in vain. In due time, we all will reap the fruits of our labor, but until then keep your head up. 



You’re UNIQUE and your doing just fine….

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