My Journey

You stumbled upon this, you did not make nor create, you just happen to travel along with me on 

My Journey…..



My Journey, For those who may not know I’ve been writing my entire life. Ever since I learned to read and comprehend, I learned how to channel my frustrations and anger into creating creative ways to express them on paper. Not only have i been given the gift of writing but many others such as well. As a youth I endured many changes and had to grow up fast and throughout all of my experiences I am who I am today because of them.


In September of 2012 I decided that I was going to stop procrastinating and put to use at least one of the gifts that I have been afraid to tap into and that is “ACTING”. I auditioned for a stage play called “Footies” written and directed by Robert “Brotha Blaze” Murray. I had no prior training in the acting field, but I threw caution to the wind and went for it. In less than two weeks after the auditions I got a call back from Mr. Murray that I was chosen to be “Leading Lady”. As some of you may or may not know the stage play “Footies” didn’t get the chance to be performed due to casting issues. It kind of reminded me of the West Philadelphia Mass Choir I auditioned for a few years back and we were going to be the choir chosen to perform along with Walter Hawkins for a concert that year, but it was a no go. All the hard work we put in and on the day of the event it was cancelled. 


During that time I began to fall in love once again with my first love which is “Writing”. I can be myself when I write, I can be creative and I can be a creator when writing. For years I have been submitting my writings to magazines such as EssenceEbonySister 2 Sister etc… Needless to say I never received a call back or an email indicating whether my work was received or not, so then I had to remember that I’m not the only one who aspires to become a great writer so i eventually moved along with other things. I never stopped dreaming and hoping to share my gift of writing with the world so again I submitted some of my writings to local magazines, blogs, social media etc… to make myself visible.



Since then I have collaborated with magazine’s and blog sites to exercise my skills which then lead to other ventures and re-ignited other talents that have been laying dormant for some time. I was encouraged to start doing interviews, which then lead to me being featured in a few music videos and doing background vocals for some hot local artists in the Philadelphia area and my career just took off from there. All and everything that I dreamed of was coming true right before my eyes. I owe all my abilities and gifts to the creator. Lately, I’ve been hearing that some have claimed to have “MADE” me or what have you and come to think of it they’re kind of right. All my experiences have brought forth Miss, LIV into existence. I give thanks to all who have encouraged and helped one way or another into guiding me in the direction which lead me into today. But, I would like to make clear that no one has made me. 


In fact, I was stumbled upon and any and everyone who I had the opportunity to meet were either just travelers passing through or they’re still here by my side for the remainder of my journey. My gifts that were given by God himself has placed me in the position I’m in today. I come from a very multi-talented family, who may not be famous to others but are stars in their own right. My late Grandfather (God rest his soul) who was a singer/songwriter in the 1960’s left us with his legacy of songs to be shared with the world. I remember when my Grandmother and Auntie used to take me and my cousins backstage to plays and concerts to meet their famous friends. I remember auditioning for a fashion show as a teenager and totally bombing out not getting the part (LOL! The worst). I also remember my Grandmother traveling along with me through out the city to be apart of choirs in the city encouraging me to sing and use the very gifts and abilities God has bestowed upon me. 

I give big hugs and kisses to those who have helped me along the way. I thank you with a BIG heart that I have met some of the most talented people during this time to help bring forth the fruit of creativity. So, if anyone ever says to you “I Made Her” NOT! they just happen to travel along with me on My journey….





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